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Grave regrets. The spirit of Tweed. "If I hadn't been to previous, and had only belonged to the Republican party, and had been a big enough boss to get myself nominated, what a brilliant, intense American statesman I might have been!" J.G.B. "And besides, I had the Star Route Defender, Bob Ingersoll, christian me the Plumed Knight, and have the New York Tribune defend me through thick and thin." : James Blaine spricht mit dem Geist von William Tweed / Th. Nast
AuteurNast, Thomas
ImpliquésBlaine, James Gillespie ; Tweed, William Marcy ; Ingersoll, Robert Green
Adresse bibliogr.[New York] : [McClure], 27.09.1884
Collation1 Blatt ; 27,4 x 23,3 cm
Aus: Harpers Weekly, Nr. 1449, 27.09.1884, Seite 627
Édition digital
Koblenz : Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, 2018
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