"The feeling against annexation to the United States is growing stronger every day." : betrügerische Bankiers fliehen aus den USA nach Kanada und protestieren dort gegen die angeblich drohende Annexion des Landes durch die Vereinigten St [...] / Th. Nast. [New York] : [McClure], 18.07.1885
  •  "Here's a how-d'e-do!"
  •  "Here's a pretty mess!" (in Wyoming.) Chinese satirical diplomatist. "There's no doubt of the United States being at the head of the enlightened nations!"
  •  "Here's the state of things!" Sir Henry Drum mond Wolff's mission of conciliation to the Porte
  •  "Home, sweet home!" Mother Columbia. How will our country suit you now?
  •  Liberty is enlightening the "World"
  •  Such monotonous breakfasts, and still he stays
  •  Take him off the list, "For he never would be missed."
  •  That letter. Dear William, Please call off Prince Bismarck, or you will create another Republic. Yours, Alfonso
  •  The best 'Cheshire' cheese is american - quite american - you know. John Bull. What next? BAH!
  •  The commencement of the fall season
  •  The President was elected upon that platform. Tammany Chief. "I can not tell a lie; I want to cut it down with my little hatchet."
  •  We have not given up ruling the waves yet. U.S. "Although I have no navy, you see what I can do, when I try."
  •  What Civil Service Reform will do