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Jewels among swine. "The police authorities, that do not enforce the laws against the liquor traffic, that do not suppress gambling or houses of ill repute... distinguished themselves on Saturday by arresting forty-three women, who went on the streets to sing and pray, and marching them to the station-house." - Cincinnati Gazette : zwei Frauen werden von Polizisten verhaftet, die als Schweine dargestellt werden / Th. Nast
AuthorNast, Thomas
Published[New York] : [McClure], 13.06.1874
Description1 Blatt : 27,5 x 23,0 cm
Aus: Harpers Weekly, Nr. 911, 13.06.1874, Seite 489
Electronic Edition
Koblenz : Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, 2016
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