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General Sheridan stands by his dispatches. "He is a soldier and he does not not hesitate to do his duty... He is also prudent and discreet, and will do nothing to complicate matters or precipitate events... That is the kind of man SHERIDAN is." - General Sherman : General Sheridan steht neben Plakaten mit seinen Berichten an den Kriegsminister über die Situation in Louisiana (zu S. 91). [In der Zeichnung befinden sich 3 Textblöcke] / Th. Nast
AuthorNast, Thomas
ParticipantsSherman, William T. ; Sheridan, Philip H.
Published[New York] : [McClure], 30.01.1875
Description1 Blatt : 27,5 x 22,7 cm
Aus: Harpers Weekly, Nr. 944, 30.01.1875, Seite 89
Electronic Edition
Koblenz : Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, 2016
CC-BY-NC-SA-License (3.0)Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 International License