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Now the American must go. "We have new gospel of Amerianism in this evening of th e nineteeth century - a gospel that declares Kearney shall be supreme in California, and shall close the 'golden gate' against the Chinaman; and which prescribes that in the East the commission of our ministers shall be countersigned by an Irish 'suspect.' 'The American must go.'" - From the Hour : ein Ire verjagt mit einem Knüppel einen Amerikaner / Th. Nast
AuthorNast, Thomas
Published[New York] : [McClure], 01.07.1882
Description1 Blatt ; 12,6 x 11,3 cm
Aus: Harpers Weekly, Nr. 1332, 01.07.1882, Seite 415
Electronic Edition
Koblenz : Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, 2018
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